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Couples Therapy

All relationships go through challenges, including good ones. For those times when it’s more than you can handle on your own, we offer a safe, confidential environment and we’re here to help you.

Individual Therapy

We offer therapy for both adults and children that may be experiencing anxiety, depression, anger, PTSD and all other kinds of challenges in life. Whatever your situation, you’re not alone and we are here to help.

B.E.S.T. Kids

BEST Kids™ is an evidence-based group program supporting kids in Building Essential Skills Together (BEST) such as emotional awareness, communication, empathy, respect, and how to manage strong emotions.

Family Therapy

Through family therapy, we aim to support you in repairing the relationships and bonds within your family ecosystem and restore a sense of peace, respect and love.

Education Assessments

Assessing various areas of mental functioning helps parents and educators gain insight to a child’s unique learning capacity and academic abilities.

Forensic Therapy

Structured risk assessments and psychological reporting. Contact us so we can further assist you with your enquiry.

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