Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy

Do you ever get the feeling your partner is not listening to you? That you’re not on the same page? That you spend more time fighting than talking? That you can’t agree on the best way to parent your children? That you argue about money every second day? That one or both of you are feeling stressed in your work and appear to be taking that out on each other and the family?

Relationships don’t devolve overnight, it takes time, and at some point you find yourself wondering how you got to where you are now.

All relationships go through challenges, including good ones. For those times when it’s more than you can handle on your own, that why we’re here.

Couples usually come to therapy when it’s “resolve or dissolve” – when they are desperate to resolve their relationship and get it back on track, or when they are resigned to dissolve the relationship and separate.

We know you will have tried your best to resolve this and if you feel like you still need support, please contact us.

We offer a safe, confidential environment and we’re here to help you.

So how can couples counselling help?


We offer couples counselling that is individualised and tailored to meet the needs of you, your partner and your unique situation. This therapy is future focused, which means we don’t dwell on the past, we look towards the future and what it is that you and your partner want to create together.

We may look at things such as what attracted you two to be together in the first place and how to disagree in a constructive, strengths-based way. You may be invited to create an agenda together for what you want to talk about in our sessions and to set some relationship rules to support better communication and connectedness.

These sessions aim to reconnect you and your partner and have you moving forward together in a positive way.


We live in an age of busyness and distraction, which can leave us feeling disconnected from ourselves, who we are and what really matters to us. When we’re disconnected from ourselves, it’s really hard to be connected in our relationships. How often do you and your partner put your phones and devices away and really connect with each other, just the two of you?

Sexual and emotional intimacy is one of the first things to go when connection is lacking in relationship. Relationships can be functional in other ways and look completely ‘normal’ from the outside, while lacking the emotional closeness that really has you feeling a deep level of connectedness with your partner.

Some couples come across some deep seated challenges in their sexual relationships; Hargan Psychology therapists can refer you to some excellent sex therapists for further support.

The goal of this therapy is for you and your partner to feel closer and more intimate and connected again.


Are you and your partner experiencing challenges with the behaviour of your child or children? Perhaps your children have hit adolescence and you’re wonder if you are responding appropriately and healthily to their new behaviours. Perhaps you’re now in a blended family and you now need to find common ground and a united approach to your parenting styles?

Children display challenging behaviours as a result of systemic issues within the family – this can be nuclear families, blended families, and everything in between. Once they see a little space developing between the parents, kids have a lovely time of taking advantage of the gap!

We can often think that our child is having a challenging experience within themselves, when in fact they may be responding to the behaviour or communication style of their parents or the dynamics within the relationship. Children can sense if there’s a lack of direction and clarity of leadership within the family and may take the opportunity to challenge it. Or if one of their parents is facing challenges, it can leave children feeling unstable and unsafe and result in them acting out. Or you might find yourself in another challenge all together!

There are effective ways to work though this and we can help you find new, more constructive ways to work together in creating a happier, more harmonious family unit.


Separation can be such a challenging time, not just for you and your partner but for your children as well. You may be wondering, how can we do this in a way that’s not going to affect the children? How can we support our children through this process?

In this therapy we help you to plan the steps of your separation with view to having the best possible outcome for yourselves and your children.

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